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Dreamland is a responsible licenced event venue where the safety and security of our guests is a top priority. 

The event management team, together with our security and medical providers, work closely with the emergency services to provide a safe place from which to enjoy live entertainment.

Each event is risk assessed and audience profiled to ensure we have relevant security measures in place. These details are communicated to Kent Police in advance of the event and can include covert officers, drug detection dogs, general purpose patrol dogs, various levels of personal and bag searches, age identification and Security Industry Authority (SIA) officers.  

Our entire site is covered by CCTV which is viewed and recorded from a dedicated Operations Control. Additionally, all our security officers wear Body Worn Video devices.

We urge our guests to help us ensure that Dreamland maintains its high standards of safety by alerting a member of staff or security should you see something that doesn’t look right or an incident that should be brought to our attention.