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Can you find all of the meticulously designed, interactive art installations dotted around the park?

Mural By The Sea


MURAL-BY-THE-SEA is a rolling annual programme commissioning 5 separate artists to produce 5 bespoke works of art for a large scale billboard mural outside Hall By The Sea, in collaboration with StudioTAC, a Margate based creative company who built and designed the steel frame incasing the mural.

The 5th Open Call commission is the coveted Tiina Turner Prize, won by Kavel Rafferty for her abstract concept.

The Margate-based illustrator and artist used old postcards of Margate, Dreamland and the Main Sands as inspiration for the concept. Using cuttings found from discarded magazines (avoiding text and images), Kavel used the negative spaces around these elements to find blocks of colour. She then used the random pieces to compose an abstract image in response to the postcards and her love of Margate.

The creative jigsaw was then transformed to the billboard using paints and printed paper, with some small sections of the original postcards included. The piece is intended to be colourful and positive, reflecting the ever-changing weather and light in Margate, the energy of the people, the town and the sea.

I Spin Me - Art Installation


Studio TAC, 2017
Mirrored stainless steel, paint, wood

No one knows who spun the first top, but every person since has had the simple joy of playing with one. Today, the spinning top is one of the oldest recognisable toys found on archaeological sites all over the world, and irrespective of culture. In Medieval times, it was common to have a large spinning top in the town square which villagers could spin for exercise and to keep warm!

The simplest of games in so many ways, studioTAC revive the simplicity of play through movement as one of the first things you see in the park. The mirrored surface reflects not only your new surroundings, but your own image, spinning round you as you participate… and you begin to realise you’re not in Kansas anymore.

There Is A Light - Art Installation


Rag & Bone Man, 2017
Cast Iron, Steel, Brass, Scrap

Taking inspiration from the decorative street lamps that once illuminated the heritage amusement park, The Rag and Bone Man celebrates the history of the Metropolitan Vickers motor that drove the original Scenic Railway and reworks its shape and components into a new Tivoli inspired street light.

The light both illuminates Dreamland’s new green spaces and operates as a sign post directing visitors to both key areas of the park and inviting them to destinations that can be reached by travelling with imagination…


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