Dreamland is now FREE TO ENTER and PAY TO RIDE

Dodgems and Coasters, Merry-go-rounds and Helterskelters. From large-scale historic rides carefully restored in the British Isles, to sensitively re-imagined interpretations of contemporary rides fitting of Dreamland’s heritage. All your favourites are here.

Like a well cared for and loved classic car, from time to time, our vintage and retro rides sometimes need a little bit of TLC to keep them in tip top working condition. We look forward to welcoming you to a world of old fashioned but oh so fashionable fun, thrills and good times!

Tokens are only £1 each - click on each ride to find out individual costs.


Dreamland Margate does everything within its power to ensure the maximum number of rides are in operation at any given time.

We have a skilled maintenance team who are permanently on site during opening hours, who always work to ensure the best customer experience possible. However, despite our best endeavours and due to the vintage nature of some of our ride collection, there is always a possibility that during your visit to Dreamland not all rides will be 100% operational, 100% of the time.

Please note that during wet weather conditions it maybe necessary to temporarily close our Born Slippy slide and our Helter Skelter, and in cases of high winds the Big Wheel. If this happens, Dreamland will do everything possible to open these rides as soon possible.

Dreamland reserves the right to change the rides and amusement line up at any time. Please see our full terms and conditions.


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