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The Scenic Railway testing is not yet complete and we are working with suppliers to get the ride up and running again as soon as possible. We are sorry for the wait!


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Be the first and get more treats!

Become a member of our exclusive club and benefit from all of the extras! Whether you love the Gallopers, the Big Wheel or a spot of shopping, there’s something for everyone! All you need to do is select the best membership package for you! You can now buy online, email our membership team or pop down to the Info Desk. Make the most out of it – get your membership today!!

Your membership enables you to ride unlimited and gains you free access to the on park attractions such as the Mermaid and Pirate School, the Dreamland Ark and the Teddy and Betty Show. The great news is that because Dreamland is now free to enter, you can bring any non-rider guests or family along with you to enjoy Dreamland Margate, see our vintage ride collection, laugh at the on-park entertainment team or enjoy performances on the bandstand...all for free. For your more daring guests there is a pay to ride option or for those serious about getting the most out of their day, they can buy unlimited ride wristbands! 

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Membership Card 'The Cherry on Top'

Want access to the park and unlimited use of the rides throughout the season with all sorts of other fantastic additional benefits? Then our Cherry On Top Membership is for you - available with individual, joint, and family membership options here are all the benefits;

  • Unlimited entry to the park and unlimited use of the rides until October 31st 2016
  • Scenic Railway fast track
  • Priority 24 hour advance ticket booking for a range of popular ticketed events
  • 10% off Dreamland Emporium goods*
  • 10% off food and drinks**
  • 10% off additional tickets for friends who come to the park with you
  • Monthly newsletter with upcoming events and news from Dreamland Margate - be the first to hear!
  • Other exclusive discounts - ask the membership team for full details  

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* The discount off Emporium goods excludes the beach hut concessions and certain other retail lines. Please see inside the shop for full details.

** The discount off food and drinks excludes some of the concessions. Please ask prior to purchase.

Membership Card 'The Sprinkles'
The Cherry On Top MEMBERSHIP - SUMMER 2016
Membership Type Little Kid Big Kid

Big or

Little Kid



Individual Membership £25.00 £45.00 - £25.00
Joint Membership - - £75.00 £25.00 pp
Family of 3 - - £95.00 £25.00 pp
Family of 4 - - £110.00 £25.00 pp
Under 16s Bolt-On* £15.00 £25.00 - £25.00 pp


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If people wish to add additional children this is possible with bolt-ons. See bolt-on prices depending on height. Membership is non-transferable.
The park will be shut at certain times of year for ride maintenance or due to weather. Please check the website before coming. 

On your arrival at Dreamland please go to the Members only kiosk with your membership card where you can collect your unlimited ride wristband

Buy a gift

The perfect gift which will last for a whole season! Pick the package you would like and you can purchase your gift of Dreamland membership online here.

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For help please contact

Membership Faqs

Where do I buy my Membership?

You can either buy your Membership online or at Dreamland at the Info desk. Please feel free to ask any member of the Dreamland Crew if you can’t find us! Alternatively please email and one of our friendly Membership Relations team will be able to help.

I have bought my Membership online, when do I get my Membership Card(s)?

Now you have your Membership, you just need to bring your email confirmation with you the first time you come to the park. Head on over to the Info desk and they will be able to fix you up with your Membership card(s).

Can I let my friends use my Membership?

No. Membership packages are strictly for the use of the named person(s) only. You will have your photo taken and loaded onto our system when you pick up your card(s). Please be aware that we reserve the right to withdraw the membership card(s) should they feel they are being misused. However, if you have a Joint Membership package you are able to bring along one guest who is not named.

I have a Dreamland Membership, do I still have to pay for the rides now that the park is free to enter and pay to ride?

Because you are one of our exclusive members, all of the rides and attractions are included in your Dreamland Membership with the exception of the Octopus’s Garden and Roller Disco.

Can I use my Membership discount on the wristbands?

Yes, Members receive a discount on the wristbands that we offer - Under 1.25m, over 1.25m, The Weekender, Ride and Dine and AAA (on the door only).

I'm disabled, can my carer get in for free?

Yes! You will still need to purchase a membership, but your carer can access the park for free. To qualify for the free carer pass, they will need to provide one of the following documents listed on our accessibility/ disability page.

Can I sell my membership?

No. Membership cannot be re-sold, exchanged or refunded.

Can I add a child to my Membership package?

Yes you can! Additional children can be added to Family packages. Each additional child is either £15 for a Little Kid (under 1.25m tall) or £25 for a Big Kid (over 1.25m tall)

Am I able to add additional children Bolt-ons to the Individual and Joint membership packages?

No. Additional children bolt-ons are only available for the family membership packages.

Can I pay for my Membership on a monthly basis?

Afraid not! Seasonal Memberships must be paid for upfront, in one lump sum.

Does my Membership start from the moment I've bought it?

Yes! Your membership starts on the day your purchase it and will finish at the end of the summer season, October 31st 2016.

How long does my membership last for?

If you bought your Membership before 27th May 2016 then your Membership will last for a year from the date of purchase. Any membership purchased after 27th May 2016 will only be seasonal and will finish on 31st October 2016.

How do I renew my membership?

Please email for details

Can I get into Dreamland without my Membership card?

Yes you can as the park is now free to enter. However, if you wish to make use of your membership and the unlimited rides you will need your card to claim your wristband.

How do I claim my wristband each time I come to Dreamland?

Head straight over to the Members only entrance. Once you have presented your membership card you will be given your wristband which will give you unlimited use of the rides for that day.

Do I need to collect a wristband each time I visit Dreamland?

Yes you do. Each day we will have a different colour wristband. You can collect these from the Members only entrance.

My relative has died, can I transfer their Membership onto my name?

This is done on a case by case basis. Please do email us at and we will see what we can do to help.

Will I get all of my tickets refunded if I decide to upgrade to a membership package whilst at the park?

If you have been in the park and decide on the day that you wish to become a member, Dreamland will refund you the price of up to two of your tickets per membership package. We are unable to refund all tickets.

Can I buy membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes you can! Just enter their details and you will get an email to forward onto them. They will then be able to print it off, bring it with them to the park and collect their Membership Card from the Dreamland Info desk.

Can I get my Membership Card posted to me?

Afraid not! The reason you need to pick it up on your first day is so that we can take a photo of you to make sure if your card is stolen no one else can use it. Remember to bring your best smiles!

My Card has been lost/stolen! What do I do?

Don’t worry! We can sort it out for you! Please drop us an email to and one of our lovely Membership Relations team will be able to stop your current card and get you a nice new one. Your photo is stored on our system so no naughty people will be able to sneak in with your card.

Can I get into Dreamland without my card?

Afraid not! To take advantage of your Membership you must always have your Membership card with you.

Do I need to book tickets for Dreamland events?

Yes, unless stated otherwise.

Do I get a discount on Dreamland ticketed events?

You will get a discount on participating events. We will make sure this is always stated clearly on our website.

Do I get a discount in all Retail and Food and Beverages areas?

You get 10% off participating Dreamland Retail and Food and Beverages areas.

I want to buy a Membership as a Gift. How do I do this?

Please click on the link under “Buy A Gift”. You will then be able to select whichever Gift Membership you would like to buy.

I have bought Gift membership online. What happens next?

You will be sent a confirmation email with an attached PDF. Please print out the PDF and give this to the person you have bought it for. On their first visit they need to come to the Membership Desk where one of our helpful membership team will take their picture and details and give them their official membership cards.

How do I add additional children to membership packages?

At the moment it is not possible to do this online. Please buy the package you would like and we will add the additional children on your first visit to the park. Please go straight to the membership desk where our helpful membership team will be able to do this for you. Please note, we are only able to add children to Family packages.

Does my membership grant me free access to the Octopus's Garden?

No. In order to enter the Octopus's Garden, you will need to pay the standard entry fee.

Do I need to buy a membership pass in order to have an AAA upgrade?

Yes. To receive AAA benefits, you must buy membership.

What additional benefits do I get by buying an AAA upgrade?

Not only will you get the full member benefits, you will also have unlimited use of the Roller Room so you can skate until your heart's content, but you will also get unlimited use of our children's play area, The Octopus's Garden.

How do I get the AAA upgrade?

You must buy a membership and then you can bolt on the AAA pass. This can be bought at our membership desk at Dreamland.

Does one AAA upgrade cover the whole family?

No. Each individual must buy their own individual AAA upgrade.

Does my AAA upgrade guarantee my entry to the Roller Room and Octopus’s Garden?

The Roller Room and Octopus’s Garden to have a maximum capacity so we cannot guarantee you will always get entry. These areas will always be given on a first come, first served basis.

Membership Terms and Conditions

2016 Membership packages are valid from the date of purchase until 31st October 2016.

For avoidance of doubt, Membership does not cover entrance to ticketed events held at Dreamland. Details of ticketed events will be available on the Dreamland website.

Membership cards are non-transferable and are strictly for the use of the named person only. Proof of identification may be requested.

The management reserve the right to withdraw the membership card(s) should they feel they are being misused or if any person engages in any form of threatening or abusive behaviour or is perceived to present a risk to any park user.

Tickets cannot be re-sold, exchanged or refunded. To alter or deface the membership card in any way will render it void.

If you have been in the park and decide on the day that you wish to become a member, Dreamland will refund you the price of two wristbands per membership. We are unable to refund all tickets.

Additional children bolt-ons are only available for the One Adult and Two Adult family membership packages.

The park will closed at certain times of year for ride maintenance or due to weather. Please check the Dreamland website before coming.

Dreamland will make every effort to ensure as many rides and attractions are open at all times. Dreamland cannot commit to operating all advertised rides and attractions every day and will endeavour to publicise any changes to the line-up as soon as reasonably possible.

Dreamland reserves the right to change the operating hours of the park on a daily basis at the discretion of management.

A child or children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or over or will be refused entry to the park. Once inside the park the child(ren) must remain under the supervision of an adult at all times. In the interests of safety and security, Dreamland reserves the right, in its absolute discretion to change the age restrictions referred to in this condition, without any prior notification.

* Required

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