Dreamland FAQs


What rides are in action today and what are the height restrictions? 
Check out our rides page, where you can filter the rides by height. You can see our current ride line-up here 

Is the Scenic Railway still listed even though it has been rebuilt?
Yes! It was not the wood that was listed it was the structure, design and location of the railway. It has been lovingly re-built under the watchful eye of English Heritage.

What happened to the The Whip and The Corbiere Wheel?
The Whip and the Corbiere Wheel are being stored by our partners at The Dreamland Trust for future development.

It's raining today, will all the rides be working?
During wet weather conditions it maybe necessary to temporarily close our Born Slippy slide and our Helter Skelter, and in cases of high winds the Big Wheel, if this happens Dreamland will do everything possible to open these rides as soon possible.

Can pregnant/disabled visitors go on the rides at Dreamland?
Please refer to our Accessibility page for information.

How old must I be to skate in the Roller Room?
Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

What is the smallest shoe size you offer in the Roller Room?
We offer shoes all the way down to a kids size 8. 

Does the Roller Room close for events?
The Roller Room may be closed for some events. Please check the Roller Room opening times here before you travel.

What are the new rides? When will they open?
We will be opening a number of exciting new rides this summer.  There will be family friendly rides and some for thrill seekers and we will announce the details soon.  The rides will open in phases over the next few months – follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to hear the news first.

Will all of this be available from the 30th March?
The changes will be phased across the coming months but of course events and pop-up entertainment will be taking place throughout the season, to ensure there is something exciting happening to suit all guests whenever they choose to visit. We will be keeping our website updated with new events and content as it happens, so be sure to keep an eye out for new announcements.

Why won’t the new rides and attractions be ready for the start of the season?
Commissioning, building and installing new rides is a complex undertaking. We want to make sure we provide exciting, fun, safe and unique experiences for our guests and that means taking the time to source and install the best rides we can. We believe the most appropriate way to do this is by taking a phased approach, which will see the new rides open over the coming months, with a view to having them all up and running by the start of the summer holidays at the end of July.



I can't find the prices on the website.  Where are they?
Wristbands are now on sale! Click here and save when you book online in advance. To find out ride prices, click here

Can I pay for rides in cash?
We only accept wristbands and Dream Passes to gain access on the rides. Both can be purchased from the Info Desk located in our Undercover area, from underneath Born Slippy, at the admissions booth opposite the spinning top or online. Secondary sales points may be opened on park at peak times.

How much does each ride cost?
For the full rides lines up and to find out how much you need to spend to get on a ride please click here.

Do you offer unlimited ride wristbands for the whole day?
Yes, we are pleased to offer wristbands which enable you to ride unlimited depending on your height! You can choose from: Little Kid, Big Kid, AAA (Octopus’s Garden, Roller Disco, Amusement Park) and the 2-day wristband. 

Can I use my wristband everywhere within Dreamland?
Depending on your height, your wristband will get you unlimited ride access as well as access to some of the amusement park attractions. You will need to purchase separate entry into the Roller Disco, the Octopus’s Garden and the events.

Can you buy wristbands in advance?
If you buy your wristbands in advance online you will save money! 

Can I use my wristband to buy food and drinks?
All food and drinks outlets accept cash, card or your Dream Pass only. This is the same for the Dreamland Shop and the Sweet Shop. Wristbands and Dream Passes can only be used for rides and some attractions.

How long are Dream Passes valid for?
Dream Passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

I booked in advance and can't attend anymore. Can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds or exchanges on event tickets, wristbands or Day Dreamer park entry tickets. If the park is closed on the day you had booked to visit, or an event is cancelled, our Guest Services team will be in touch with you. If you have booked your tickets through a ticket agent (eg SeeTickets, Dice, Resident Advisor), please refer to your ticket or email confirmation for further information on their cancellation policy and contact details.

Can you enter the park without an adult?
You must be over 14 to be able to enter our park alone. Children under the age of 14 are to be accompanied by an adult aged 16+.

Is there parking at Dreamland?
Yes! Our car park is situated round the corner from Dreamland on All Saints Avenue, CT9 5QH. The car park charges £7 for the day.

Are lockers available?
Yes. Lockers are available and are £3 per hire. Tokens are available from our Ticket Desks.

Are wheelchairs available?
No, but guests are welcome to bring their own.

Is there storage for buggies?
No, there is no stroage for buggies on site.

Why are you charging entry now?  Why isn’t it free to enter anymore?
Dreamland has undergone significant development and investment which is continuing into 2018.  We are committed to providing an exceptional experience, from the beautifully landscaped areas to the top-class entertainment on park every day, and for this to continue long term.  Paid park entry maintains the high quality environment, ensures that Dreamland is a sustainable business for the future and enables us to drive regeneration in Margate and deliver a good experience for all visitors.

What is included in the £5 entry?
The Day Dreamer ticket includes park entry which is redeemable against 1 x single ride of your choice OR 1 x Day Dreamer food and drink offer (typically a soft or hot drink and ‘cake of the day’ – there will be gluten free options available).  If you decide that you would like to go on the rides after you have entered the park, providing you have not already redeemed your ticket, you can use this towards purchasing a wristband on the same day whilst on park.

I don’t want to go on any of the rides, why should I still have to pay to get in?
While we appreciate that our exciting range of rides is a focal point, there is so much more to the Dreamland experience than just the rides. Guests can also enjoy the lively and engaging content, entertainment and activities that are held at the park, as well as take advantage of our enhanced food and drink offering.

Can carers come in for free?
Yes, carers are free. If you require a carer, you will need to provide one of the following forms of documentation:
- A certified NHS letter from your doctor or consultant clearly stating why you are eligible for a carer ticket
- A letter from a professional body (eg Nurse, Bupa Healthcare Advisor etc) clearly stating why you are eligible for a carer ticket
- A DLA, DWP or PIP letter stating you are entitled to a carer ticket
- A valid Max Card
- Blue Badges are not accepted



Will it be like the Dreamland I remember? 
We can't promise that every detail that you remember will be there but every nook and cranny of the new Dreamland will be touched by the hand of a designer. We do promise that there will be nowhere quite like Dreamland.

What time will the park open and close?
For full dates and opening times, please click here.

Does Dreamland close for the winter season?
The Roller Room and The Octopus's Garden are open throughout the year (subject to availability). For full opening dates and times, please click here.

Can we camp at Dreamland?
We're afraid we don't have a camping area at Dreamland. However, there are a number of hotels in the area and we are only a five minute walk from Margate train station.

Are dogs allowed on the park?
Only registered assistance dogs are permitted to enter the park.  

Can I smoke at Dreamland?
Yes, there will be designated areas throughout the park. Smoking will not be allowed in any other areas.

Will you be serving alcohol?
Yes. There will be alcohol served in designated areas. If you are buying drinks, please ensure you do not leave these areas when drinking them. You will also need to show proof of age when buying alcohol.  

Will you be serving food?
Yes! To keep those smiles wide, we've got the Friendliest Food Court Ever, full of delicious cuisines to tantalise every tastebud. 

Can we bring in a picnic/food and alcohol?
We're afraid we do not allow food or drink to be brought into the park. However, you will be able to buy delicious food inside the park. If you have brought food or drink with you, you will need to keep it safe in your vehicle or consume it before entering the park.   

Is there a disabled viewing platform for events?
Hall By The Sea has a wheelchair accessible viewing platform for events. Ticketholders with disabled + carer tickets can access this area if required. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Guest Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



If I am a member do I still have to pay for entry?
No! When you become a Dreamland member you get unlimited entry to the Amusement Park and Roller Disco throughout the year. 

How do I become a Dreamland member?
You can purchase a Dreamland Membership online or from the Membership lounge located in the undercover area. 

I have a Dreamland Membership, do I still have to pay for the rides?
Because you are one of our exclusive members, all of the rides, attractions and the Roller Disco are included in your Dreamland Membership with the exception of The Octopus’s Garden.

Does my membership guarantee entry every day?
Yes you will have access every day the park is open. On the rare ocassion you may be asked to wait before accessing the amusement park if we are at full capacity. On a small number of occasions, the park will operate for special ticketed events. For selected Dreamland events, Dreamland Members will be given priority booking.

Do I get a discount on Dreamland ticketed events?
You will get a discount on participating events. We will make sure this is always stated clearly on our website. On many events you will also benefit from priority booking.

For more membership FAQs, please visit our Membership page



I need to book a large school/group.  Who do I contact?
For group bookings of 10 people and over please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I get a group discount? Is it only in advance or on the day too?
Yes, discounts are available for groups of 10 or more people, but only in advance. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to book. 

Can you reserve booths for the Roller Room without a party booking?
No, Roller Room booths cannot be reserved without a party booking. Find out more about parties here.

Do you offer meeting and conference facilities?
Yes we do! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be able to help you.  


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