Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

  • Reach amazing heights on the ‘shoot and drop’ Dreamland Drop
  • Fly through the skies in the Pendulum
  • Enjoy family fun on the Soaring Seagulls and Up, Up and Away
  • Don’t miss out on your chance to name a ride!

4 April 2018: Dreamland today reveals more detail on the nine new rides it is planning to launch in time for the summer, with something for both families and thrill seekers alike.

Visitors will be able to enjoy new, re-imagined versions of firm favourites from the past, delight in carefully restored vintage rides and experience new thrill and coaster rides, purpose built for Dreamland.

Thrills and coaster rides

The Dreamland Drop

Subject to planning permission, The Dreamland Drop will be the ultimate thrill ride. An adrenaline fueled ‘shoot up and drop’ tower, the ride will rotate 360° giving a panoramic view of Dreamland and surrounding Margate.

The ride will be custom built for Dreamland with Dreamland lettering running down the side of the ride and a decorative ‘D’ adorning the top, creating an iconic landmark for the park and wider town.

If planning permission is granted installation work is expected to start in eight to ten weeks with the new ride anticipated to be ready for the school summer holidays.


This exhilarating pendulum ride echoes the dynamics and excitement of the highly popular Mary Rose that saw visitors flock to Dreamland in the 1990s.

As the ride begins to swing, it also rotates getting longer and longer for a totally mind-boggling feeling as land, sea and sky fly overhead in circle after circle.

The ride’s gondola has capacity for 16 people at a time, with an innovative ‘half moon’ configuration allowing a family of four to ride in the same row side-by-side.

To be named by you!

A modern take on the much-loved classic Enterprise ride, this thrill ride is an open-air thrill experience that transports riders sixty feet through the air at 25 miles per hour.

Seating 24 people, two per gondola, the ride will treat visitors to an awe-inspiring experience that transforms from the horizontal to the nearly vertical.

There will also be the chance to name this exciting new ride. Dreamland is looking for suggestions from the public and will be launching a social media campaign to find a winner. Find out more by signing up to the newsletter:

Pinball X

Pinball X is a newly re-imagined ride similar to the highly popular Magic Mouse that drew crowds throughout 2017 at Dreamland.

A high impact coaster with family appeal, it is sure to thrill all generations and features an action-packed course of twists, turns and exciting drops. Half way through the ride, the four-passenger coaches spin and whirl with gravitational forces and inertia allowing each and every rider the chance to enjoy a different ride, time and time again.

Air Force

Air Force is an exhilarating 360° thrill ride replicating the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic plane flight, banking, looping and diving across the sky, creating a sense of breathtaking weightlessness.

Accommodating up to 24 riders at one time in six, four-seater aeroplanes, the action takes place up to 8m above the ground and ‘pilots’ experience accelerations of 3G, right side up and upside down as they fly high.

The visual impact of the Air Force is something not to be missed and will certainly draw attention to the ride from all visitors to the park.

Family rides

Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away will delight the whole family as they take to the air in eight ‘hot-air balloons’. Accommodating adults and children, with a minimum unaccompanied height of 90cm and located in the Teddy and Betty area of the park, the ride’s colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights will please even the youngest of visitors.

Soaring Seagulls

This family friendly, interactive ride features six colourful, hang glider bikes for the whole family to ride. The more you pedal the higher you go in this fun seaside themed ride.

Once the ride cycle begins, riders are in the driving seat as they swoop and fly their way through the sky. This unique interactive ride is sure to put smiles on the faces of kids of all ages.

Rock The Boat

This ride is a firm family favourite. Designed specifically for Dreamland, Rock The Boat can accommodate up to 24 riders setting families on sail for an exciting adventure of rocking and whirling motions.

The Vintage Caterpillar

A beautiful heritage ride estimated to have been made in the 1920’s, the Vintage Caterpillar harks back to Dreamland’s past and is a new take on the iconic Kiss Me Quick ride that was a popular feature at the park. Lovingly restored by Littleboy’s Vintage Restorations, the ride features a descending canopy that covers riders for that ‘kiss me quick’ moment.

Steve Gotkine, Chief Operating Officer at Dreamland comments: “These incredibly exciting plans mean a summer of thrills at Dreamland for all the family. The new rides will bring a wealth of new exciting experiences to the park adding to the fun festival feel that can be enjoyed everyday through our doors. The rides are part of our ongoing investment into Dreamland and Margate providing a wonderful venue for all generations to enjoy. New entertainment will be launched throughout the season – including the arrival of our resident acrobatic circus after Easter.”

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About Dreamland

One of the oldest surviving amusement parks in the UK, Dreamland Margate is a world-class visitor attraction offering all the fun of a festival for the whole family. Located opposite the golden sands of rejuvenated Margate, visitors to Dreamland can enjoy vintage, family and thrill rides, pop-up entertainment, live music and art installations, alongside eclectic bars and street food.

Since re-opening in 2017 after significant investment, Dreamland has continued to deliver fun experiences with a twist of the unexpected, from hosting 15,000 people at the Demon Dayz music festival featuring Gorillaz to opening a range of exciting new rides throughout the 2018 season. Dreamland was also voted Runner-Up for Best Family Theme Park at the 2017 Family Traveller Awards. With fast road and rail links, you can visit Dreamland Margate in less than 90 minutes from London.


Pricing structure

From 30 March to 21 July and 2 September to the end of the season, off-peak prices will be as follows:

‘Big Kids’ (over 125cm)

In advance: £13.00

On the day: £16.00

‘Little Kids’ (Under 125cm)

In advance: £9.00

On the day: £11.00

From 21 July to 2 September, peak prices will be as follows:

‘Big Kids’ (over 125cm)

In advance: £17.00

On the day: £20.00

‘Little Kids’ (Under 125cm)

In advance: £13.00

On the day: £16.00

Disabled carers visiting with a paying guest and those under 90cm are free to enter at all times. There are also discounts available for groups of over 10 and those wishing to purchase a two-day pass. Different pricing structures are also available for exclusive access all areas passes.

Membership options are also available, to allow guests to enjoy the park in the most cost effective way all season, as well as offering priority booking and discounts. Further information about Dreamland Membership can be viewed at

The ever popular music Sunset Sessions will run from the 4 May and be priced as follows:

Entry only

In advance: £5.00

On the day: £7.00

Members: £2.50

Entry and unlimited zone one rides

In advance: £10.00

On the day: £13.00

Members: £5.00

Full details can be found on the Dreamland website.


Opening times

The park will be open every day from 10am - 6pm from Friday 30 March until Sunday 15 April. It will then be open weekends and holidays from Saturday 21 April onwards. The Octopus’s Garden indoor children’s play area and the Roller Disco are open every day except Christmas Day (or in case of an event). For full opening dates and times visit

Programme of events for the season so far, full details and updates can be found at


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