Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August

Open Today: Park, Roller Disco, Arcade and The Octopus's Garden

COMING UP: Trojan Sound System 3 August, Melanie C ft Sink The Pink 10 August, Andy C 31 August


Dreamland Margate announces the second of its ‘Mural-by-the-Sea’ series of artist commissions and it tackles plastic pollution.  

  • Mural-by-the-Sea is a 12-month programme which will commission five separate artists to produce five bespoke works of art for a large-scale billboard mural at the Margate amusement park. 
  • Dreamland and StudioTAC’s second commission will be by Daniel Webb of Bon Volks studios in Margate.
  • Webb did not dispose of any plastic for a year in order to create the piece and raise awareness of the pollution problem.
  • Future commissions will come from Margate and across the nation, including Spike Island in Bristol.   

As the world wakes up to the plastic pollution crisis, it hits the headlines and is even addressed by Sir David Attenborough on Blue Planet 2, Dreamland Margate today joins the campaign to raise awareness of the issue with its latest commission for the Mural-by-the-Sea project.

Home of Turner Contemporary and with vast numbers of creatives in the area, Margate has been recognised a destination for the arts, particularly in recent years. The second of five commissions for the large billboard within the amusement park is by Daniel Webb, who is based at Margate’s Bon Volks studios.

Over one year, Daniel did not throw away any plastic that he used – not even a straw, bottle top or clothing label. This resulted in a staggering amount of plastic being collected. 'Everyday Plastic' is a photograph featuring recognisable brands and familiar items in a host of colours, shapes and sizes. The sheer volume of plastic consumption by only one person is clearly demonstrated, and the piece is particularly prevalent given Dreamland's location adjacent to Margate's golden sands on the East Kent coast. Though abstract and colourful, 'Everyday Plastic' will raise awareness in an accessible, honest and direct manner. 

 The piece will be on show from Friday 30th March, when the Dreamland amusement park opens for the Easter holidays, until May 21st.  

Daniel Webb said: “What started out as a bit of an experiment has become a pertinent snapshot of the ubiquity of plastic use, and I’m really happy to raise awareness. The results are as stark as they are shocking. With the help of photographer Ollie Harrop, I want to show and share with people what a year’s worth of plastic use looks like. This simple ambition forms the concept of the piece, which centres around our individual contribution to plastic pollution. For me this isn’t about telling people off or preaching at them: my hope is that visitors to Dreamland see the piece and come away with their own conclusions about plastic.”

Rebecca Ellis, Senior Creative Producer at Dreamland Margate said: “Mural-by-the-Sea is an amazing opportunity for people locally and nationally to put forward ideas and get involved with the cultural goings on at Dreamland. We are excited to be working with such a diverse range of studios and artists and can’t wait to reveal this commission to the public.”


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Notes to editors

About Mural-by-the-Sea and StudioTAC

Funded by Dreamland, Mural-by-the-Sea is the brainchild of StudioTAC, a Margate based creative company who built and designed the steel frame incasing the mural. StudioTAC will be curating and organising the commission programme in collaboration with Dreamland and various art institutions.

Mural-by-the-Sea has Margate at its epicentre, focussing on local artists for the first three editions. The net will then be cast to Bristol for the fourth and there will be nationwide open call for the fifth. 


1/5 ‘ ‘People Like You Love’ – Jacob Love
2/5 ‘Everyday Plastic’ – Daniel Webb, Bon Volks Studios, Margate 
3/5 TBA, Resort Studios, Margate
4/5 TBA, Spike Island, Bristol
5/5 TBA, open call, countrywide

About Bon Volks

Bon Volks CIC is a non-profit artists studios in Margate. It houses art studios, desk-spaces, a photography studio, darkroom, sound studio and a makers workshop. The emphasis at Bon Volks is on fostering a strong group of varied practitioners, who have a collective responsibility for the studios, making a space that positively impacts the local community.

Each individual joins as a Member of Bon Volks and is given a small role in the maintenance of the building. All members are also encouraged to take an active role in shaping the future of Bon Volks and maintaining its ethos publicly. Bon Volks believes in the ability of its members to be more than fee-paying studio holders. It runs a yearly residency programme where individuals are awarded free studio space to make and exhibit work, as well as free accommodation in Margate.

About Daniel Webb

Daniel Webb is a marketing consultant who has ended up an artist. Starting on 1 January 2017, Daniel kept all of the plastic waste he produced. This commission sees the waste leave his flat for the first time to present a visceral and visual sculpture of 12 months’ salvaged plastic. Daniel harboured an interest in plastic pollution since he moved to Margate in 2016. His experiment explores his individual impact on plastic, the learnings and results of which he wants to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Photographer Ollie Harrop and post-production specialist Ian Hall bring this experiment to life with an image that sees each individual piece of rubbish shown at actual size. Ollie Harrop’s large scale prints include commissions for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Ian Hall is the founder of Massive Face, a photographic post production company. Daniel, Ollie and Ian are all members of Bon Volks Studios in Margate.



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