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The Voyage of La Sybille

Thursday 30 August 2018 to

Thursday 30th August, promenade performances from 12pm-4pm

FREE with park admission

The Voyage of La Sibylle is an installation on wheels with magic and clowning at the heart of it.

A legendary female prophetess is being transported on a cart piled high with suitcases by her faithful servant Betty, La Sibylle is in a birdcage balancing precariously on top. These two peculiar carny characters are seeking objects for the counter curse to restore her body, which Apollo so wickedly stole.The audiences are invited to interact with them and help them to collect the odd things that are needed to release them from their predicament.

More Details:

This show is a tribute to the legacy of Rosa Parkin a female magician and well loved street performer who passed away in 2015.

FREE with park admission


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