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Hunt & Darton Dog Show

Sunday 30 September 2018 to

Who let the dogs out, who, who...

Hunt & Darton are back with a brand new participatory public artwork; Hunt & Darton Dog Show. Woof!

With real prizes up for grabs, expect fast paced agility courses, some serious grooming competition and dogs uncannily like their owners. Judged using a criteria that can only be described as alternative, serious competitors should keep expectations low at all times and yes, there will be losers, lots of losers. Poop-a-scoops provided.

Bring or borrow a dog. Real dogs, fake dogs, human dogs and stuffed dogs welcome.

Who said never work with animals and children...

This is a family friendly event.

In partnership with Turner Contemporary

This event is sponsored by Hiro + Wolf, who will be providing prizes for the following categories of Hunt & Darton’s Dog Show; Best Groomed, Most Comedic, Agility, Dog that looks most like it’s owner:

  • 1st Prize Voucher for a Hiro + Wolf collar and lead set worth £74
  • 2nd Prize Voucher for a Hiro + Wolf collar worth £35
  • 3rd Prize Hiro + Wolf voucher for a bow tie or bandana worth up to £18

More Details:


Category 1: Best groomed, 12pm

Category 2: Most comedic, 12:30pm

Category 3: Agility, 1pm

Category 4: Dog that looks most like its owner, 1:30pm

Category 5: Best in Show, 2pm

To apply, please download an application form, complete and email to by 5pm, Saturday 29th September.


Can I just turn up and enter my dog into any category?

No, all dogs will be pre-selected upon application. Application form can be found here.

Can I bring my dog down even though I didn’t get selected?

Absolutely! Dogs aren’t usually allowed on park – so this is your one chance to bring your furry friend down for a day out.

I don’t have a dog, can I still enter?

Yes, we encourage alternative dogs – fake dogs, human dogs, stuffed dogs, invisible dogs, the lot!

How many dogs will be selected each category?

There will be 40 dogs selected in total – 10 dogs each per category and then all 40 dogs will be entered into BEST IN SHOW.

Does my dog have to pay the £5 entry fee?

Nope, furry friends go free!

Do I still have to pay the £5 entry if I get selected?

Nope, you also go free!*

*1 free entry for each applicant, the rest of your party will have to pay £5 entry.

Do I have to pay to enter my dog into the Dog Show?

Nope – all applicants go free.


Please come equipped with pooh bags and poop a scoops. Dreamland is a family park and we consider dogs to be part of the family, so we can continue to invite our furry friends on park we need everyone to leave the park as they find it. Bins provided!

Leads On

As we have lots of rides on park and not all people are into dogs. So when your four legged friends aren’t partaking in an activity please make sure they are kept on their leads for their own safety.

Free Water and Cooling

Who knows it might be blisteringly hot on the day of the dog show! We will make sure we have water around the park as well as buckets of cold water and soaked towels to drape over any pooches that are getting too hot.


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