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Sunday 08 April 2018 to

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Visit ‘Everyday Plastic’ the second of five commissions for the Mural-by-the-Sea project. Daniel Webb, who is based at Bon Volks Studios in Margate, didn’t throw away any of the plastic he used for an entire year! Having collected a staggering amount, he then photographed it for Dreamland’s giant outdoor billboard. This artwork highlights the plastic pollution crisis and has got to be seen to be believed! 'Everyday Plastic' will be in situ until 20 May.

More Details:

Mural-by-the-Sea will commission artworks from a series of artists from Margate and across the UK, with future pieces set to come from Resort Studios in Margate, Spike Island in Bristol and there will be a nation-wide open call for the final artwork. The Mural-by-the-Sea is situated in the Dreamland amusement park, behind Hall By The Sea. For more information visit


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