Posted: 18th October 2018

Screamland is back and ready to spook you silly this Halloween! For those brave enough to take on the scare mazes, here’s a little bit about some of the characters you’ll meet along the way, as put together by our Creative Event Designer, Georgie Berryman.

Lady Eleanor (Mary Decomposed)

Lady Eleanor

An eccentric first-class passenger, Lady Eleanor has a cold demeanour, is completely over the top and status driven. She infiltrated high society by marrying into the upper class. Paranoid that her room will be ransacked, you’ll find her scrambling around as she gathers all of her prized possessions. She’d sooner drown than hand over her precious belongings to thieves.

Norman Bloodworth (Punch and Judy Horrorshow)

 Norman Bloodworth

Norman is the puppet master and showman of the Punch and Judy Horrorshow. Echoing seaside fashion of the past, he has a cringeworthy sense of humour. Norman is extremely excited about the puppet show and expects the audience to be. When they don’t share his joy, he becomes noticeably irritated.

Bruce (Festino’s Funhouse)


Bruce is a bad-tempered older clown. Often benched due to his mean spirit, he drowns his sorrows of his miserable life. Waiting in the backstage areas that he’s limited to, he tries to avoid doing any work. When guests pass through, Bruce chases them out, shouting abuse.  

Test Subject F (Dreamland Sleep Experiment)

 Test Subject F

Completely transformed by the experiment, Test Subject F is a zombie-like shadow of his former self. Hell-bent on destroying the facility, he has been trying to rip apart the power boxes in the basement; hitting it with the full wrath of his anger. Totally out of control, he won’t be satisfied until the facility goes up in flames.

Screamland is Kent’s biggest scare festival, taking place over 7 nights of fear, with 7 interactive mazes. All tickets include unlimited rides.

Can you brave the scare? Grab your tickets here while you still can!

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