Posted: 17th July 2018

Ground-breaking British dance duo Orbital are set to play at Dreamland on July 28th. Ahead of what we’re expecting to be an epic outdoor show, we caught up with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll to find out more about his memories of Margate, and what they have in store for Dreamland this summer… 

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What inspired your new album?

The current political climate of the world and the undeniable fact that people can still be horrible to each other.

You hail from Kent, have you ever been to Dreamland or Margate before?

I got taken when I was really young and insisted on going in a creepy walk through horror house that was in the shape of the sphinx (if I remember correctly!) I totally crapped myself at the first corner; when the floor became a mattress and a dummy lit up with a red light in its mouth to the sound of a loud klaxon. I ran back out the way I came and never went back in! 

I also used to go to Dreamland when I was a teenager, just after the Mary Rose and the Looping Star were installed! That was my first rollercoaster! The second was the mad old wooden one, it still had a break man on the front.

Will you be going on any of the rides?

If the old Sphinx is still there, I’m definitely going in for a rematch! No turning back this time, I hope…

What can people expect from your set at Dreamland?

A full on ‘best of festival’ set with a full light and video show, with a smattering of the new album to get them going.

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What do you like most about the British seaside?

What's not to love? Cosy pubs, lighthouses, piers and sea walls, coastal paths, cute lanes full of retro shops, fish and chips, and a good walk along the prom! 

What’s next for you?

A summer of festivals and another single in August. The new album comes out on September 14th, followed by a tour of the country, then 30 years of Orbital celebrations in 2019 – fun, fun, fun! 


Tickets to see Orbital live at Dreamland are available from:

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