Posted: 31st October 2018

Imagine buying a car that has seen better days, giving it some outlandish and decorative customisation, gathering a group of friends and setting off on a trip that would take a whole week to reach your destination…welcome to the Dumball.

Dumball Pic 1

On 14th September, Dreamland was the starting line for the ‘Dumball’ drivers, who, over the next seven days would travel over 2,200 miles to Corfu. Dumball isn’t a race; it’s a challenge with the main aim being to raise as much money as possible for Teenage Cancer Trust. A ‘global fancy dress festival on wheels’, the event grows every year, with 150 people in 50 cars setting out on the journey this year travelling through thirteen countries including the UK, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Greece.

Dumball Pic 2

Frank Smalley is one of the Dumball organisers and had this to say on starting this year’s journey at Dreamland;

“Dreamland was the perfect venue to launch Dumball 2018, helping us to kick start the sense of fun and adventure that stayed with everyone during their epic drive across Europe”.

He also shared some interesting stories from the trip across Europe:

“One team played the song ‘Dibby Dibby Sound’ by DJ Fresh for the entire week, from speakers built onto the roof of their Toyota Yaris. Their efforts were even re-tweeted by DJ Fresh himself. One of the cars broke down at the top of a mountain pass but travelled all night to catch up with the other teams and continue the rally. Another highlight has to be a dance-off between a dinosaur and a Pikachu, driving over the Stelvio pass - one of the best driving roads in the world.”

Dumball Pic 3

Congratulations to everyone at Dumball on another incredible fundraising journey and for raising over £1millon for charity since the event started. You can find more information on this year’s Dumball and help support their tremendous efforts by donating here.

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