Posted: 30th June 2020

As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions start to ease, we realise that many people are wondering how public attractions like us will be returning to normal opening.

Here is our latest update on what will be happening at Dreamland…


We understand that many people want to visit Dreamland and have some fun down by the sea with their friends and family this year. We miss you all, and we so appreciate the kind messages of support we have received during this time.

The good news is that Dreamland will be hosting a series of specially curate events in the coming weeks for people of all ages to enjoy, in safety.

But while we are very pleased to be opening up the park for drive-in movies and special events, we must reiterate that we will not be running our rides this year.

This was a very difficult decision, but we feel it is the most responsible one given the global situation.

Dreamland is unique in that most of our rides are vintage – which means they cannot accommodate the very specific and unprecedented social distancing and safety measures required to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Given that Dreamland is most popular with families – including grandparents and vulnerable groups – we do not feel there is a safe way to run the rides without putting people at risk.

A few people have asked if could just run some of the new rides. Unfortunately, opening two or three rides would not be economical and certainly wouldn’t satisfy the demands of thousands of visitors.

Every amusement park in the world is different, and what works for other sites won’t necessarily be right for us.

But please remember – the rides will be back! We have made a tough decision now so that the park has a future, and we would rather wait to ensure people are completely safe on our rides than rush and risk disaster.

We promise that we are working very hard to find new ways to open up more spaces to accommodate people safely.

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Keep dancing, and stay safe #WeWillSurvive


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