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Scenic Railway

Please note, we will not be selling any tickets online and rides can be enjoyed on a pay-per-ride basis.  You can purchase tokens for the Scenic Railway at the booth located in the Scenic Railway queue.  We do not take cash at Dreamland, please pay using card or contactless.

The Queen of Dreamland, she reigns supreme over our beachfront and is the oldest rollercoaster in the UK. Although she escaped major damage during World War II, a spate of terrible fires destroyed crucial parts of her structure in 1949, 1959 and again in 2008… along with the workshop, which – devastatingly – housed her original hand carved trains.

The devoted local community worked together with Sea Change and the Heritage Lottery Fund to raise funds for her stunning renovation. And now, our true sovereign rises once again like a phoenix from the fl-…ah, best not mention any flames, eh?

Height: You have to be over 1.25m to ride this old girl.

min height

1.25m and over

£5 per person

Scenic Railway

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