Equality & Diversity Statement | Our Core Values | Dreamland Margate

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Our Values

We are committed to equal opportunities in employment and service delivery. The policies and practices of the Company aim to promote an environment that is free from discrimination, which values and encourages diversity, and which ensures that everyone who works for or comes into contact with anyone from our organisation is treated fairly and with respect at all times.

Our Approach

It is the Company’s approach to treat all employees, potential employees, visitors and other stakeholders fairly and equally regardless of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), sexual orientation, religion or belief, or because someone is married or in a civil partnership.
It is the Company’s policy that all employees have a working environment that promotes dignity and respect and where individual differences and the contributions made are recognised and valued.
The Company:

  • values the differences between our staff of all backgrounds
  • Understands the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to the Company
  • will not tolerate or engage in any practices that may be found to be treating employees, visitors and other stakeholders unfairly
  • will deal with any concerns regarding discrimination or actions that affect equality in a robust manner
  • is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to eliminating any unlawful discrimination or unfair treatment
  • Will endeavour to take swift and appropriate action against any person who is found to have breached the principles of equal treatment

Our Commitment

The Company commits to creating a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all.
The Company has a zero tolerance approach to discrimination. We will take any complaint of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation seriously, and will investigate and seek to promptly resolve any complaints or concerns which are brought to our attention.
The Company will take positive steps to ensuring that any individual raising complaints or concerns in good faith does not suffer any negative consequences as a result of doing so.

Customers, Suppliers and Other People Not Employed by the Company

The Company will not discriminate unlawfully against customers using or seeking to use goods, facilities or services provided by the Company.  We encourage our employees to report any suspected bullying or harassment by customers, suppliers, visitors and other stakeholders to their Manager so that appropriate action can be taken to address that issue.

Further Information

Since Dreamland reopened in 2015 we have and are committed to maintaining equality in the workplace.  As part of this the Company actively reviews policies and procedures periodically to reflect changes in legislation, good practice etc. to ensure that these aims are achieved.
The Company’s statement and policy is fully supported by its senior management and endorsed by the Board.

Eddie Kemsley